Pet Wellness Lab Work

The doctors and staff at Ocean View Veterinary Hospital strongly believe in preventative medicine for your pets. Wellness lab work helps keep our pets healthier by detecting disease early.


Wellness Lab Work for Animals

Earlier disease detection and intervention can improve both quality and quantity of life in our pets. It can also reduce long term costs associated with treating a disease. Catching kidney failure early can avoid costly hospitalization bills by allowing us to make appropriate diet and medication recommendations before your pet is critically ill. Finding high blood sugar in a cat without other signs of diabetes can help us make appropriate lifestyle and diet changes to avoid the need for insulin.

Wellness lab work can be run in-house for rapid results, or can be sent out to a national reference laboratory, which can save money. Your veterinarian can discuss with you the best option for your pet. To make an appointment for wellness lab work for your animal, please call 609-486-5025.