Pet Dental Care & Surgery

One of the most common diseases seen in dogs and cats is dental disease. It is estimated that 85% of dogs and cats over 4 years old have some degree of dental disease.

Pet Dental Care Service Image


At Ocean View Veterinary Hospital, our doctors recognize the importance of diagnosing and treating dental disease. Without intervention, dental disease leads to bad breath, pain and discomfort, infection, difficulty eating, weight loss, destruction of bone in the mouth and loss of teeth.

If your pet currently has a healthy mouth, our doctors and staff can teach you how to perform appropriate home care to maintain oral health. If you are noticing signs of dental disease in your pet, our veterinarians can design a plan to address the problem – this will usually include anesthesia (and associated pre-anesthetic workup), dental cleaning and polishing, dental x-rays and any needed extractions or oral surgery. Once the dental disease is addressed, you will be taught how to maintain your pet’s clean, healthy mouth.

If you are not sure about your pet’s oral health, please make an appointment to have your pet evaluated by one of our veterinarians. Call 609-486-5025.